IMG_9446Improvisation – May 27, 2016

Doris Kollmann, drawing

Noriaki Hosoya, e-bass

Improvisation has a sound of easy-going, it is connected with the state of „Flow“ or „Awareness“.

Yes, this might be true, but for me, improvisation is a great adventure, it is extremely frightening and, at least at the the beginning, not effortless at all.


The greatest challenge is to get loose of all the fights inside oneself: Should I do that, take that colour, do this brushstroke, NO, this was not good at all, this looks crazy, AM I CRAZY? –Isn´t this too obvious, isn´t this too complicated, Is this something????? JUST DO…WHY, NOW, YES, YES AND YES AND NO…

There is no chance to get rid of these devils inside my head but to jump into the scene and let things happen. And of course, why should an improvisation not be like life itself: unforeseeable.

So I climbed up that hill.IMG_9448

The second challenge is to interact with a musician of outstanding expertise and education.

Working with Noriaki Hosoya was a great favour, a gift. I was trying to get rid of the idea of „control“ that I have to transfer his music directly into something visible and that I have to show my expertise and level of education more obviously.

We developed an attitude of acceptance, of walking some lines together, then leaving each other alone for a while, then meeting again, then! Transfer a beat or a picture in music or drawing, and so on, and so on – a sound and a tableau emerged by and by-

Find a short video on vimeo:

When Miyuki Yamamoto and Yurina Misaki joined in, the scene changed completely, they worked on the tableau and the tableau changed into something new, the music had another rhythm, everything began again, circle after circle.


Thanks for being together and thanks to Takayasu Nawachi for being with us.


                                                                                                         Berlin, May 2016